Our all-natural, organic products

While we know that mother nature provides us with breast milk – undeniably the very best of nutrition for growing babies - we also know that many mothers are unable to, or choose not to, breast feed. So, with a true love and passion for children we set about creating a product that was as close to nature as possible – in taste, in texture, in nutrient profile, and in nutritional value.

Our range of organic infant formula and toddler milks are handcrafted and produced in Australia from the highest-quality organic goat's milk. We produce three like-nature products: Infant Formula (0-6 months), Follow On (6-12 months) and Toddler Milk (12 months+).

We work with our passionate group of nutrition and paediatric experts to create the most wholesome and nourishing infant formula for your growing babies and toddlers. The additional essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are sourced to the absolute highest quality, from natural sources, using cold-pressed extraction methods, and we have removed unnecessary heat processes, to maximise nutritional value.

Our infant formula is the first organic goat’s milk formula made in Australia and available across Asia Pacific.